Sunday, October 17, 2010


{Today I...}
-started my day with a strong cup of Starbucks coffee, as per usual. :-P
(it's the only way to go! and, the only way i get moving! hehe)

-am working on various assignments for school, taking breaks to keep my sanity in between.

-can't wait for "Dexter" this evening. It's the #1 thing I look forward to on Sunday.

..i really REALLY need to get more accomplished with school work. What a busy semester!

..i can't wait for my trip to Portugal next month! Woohoo! It's the first time ever leaving the country!
{my passport arrived !!!=)}

..i'm ready for Fall weather so I can wear cozy sweaters and drink hot cocoa.

..i miss my grandma every single day..='(
..i also miss my blog buddy, Deb.

..i will become a redhead for the very first time, very very soon. Eek! :)~
{here is the shade of red i would like to try. what do you think?}

{things i want to purchase this week}
:a book about Portugal:
:::Play-Doh (for class):::
::::new nail polish::::

Friday, October 15, 2010

friday feelings.

I've definitely been gone for too long! =)

Here is what I'm up to at the moment:

listening: Curve
eating: red grapes
drinking: H2O
wearing: blue jeans and a white spaghetti tank top with salmon v neck shirt over it
feeling: a tad of a headache and need to eat dinner but mostly pleasant and calm
weather: a little breezy at sunset
wanting: sushi :-P
needing: more hours in the day
thinking: about my upcoming trip to Portugal
enjoying: the fact that its Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow! Yippee!
wondering: if I will get all my school work done over the weekend so I can have time to relax and get to feeling better. I'm trying to get over an ear infection this week.