Monday, March 15, 2010

~SXSW 2010~

(official SXSW tote bag, courtesy of my Uncle Patrick)

I'm so excited to be attending SXSW this year, as it will be my very first time. :) Tomorrow Lewis & I will head down to the Austin Convention Center bright and early to pick up our wristbands. I have been planning out our music schedule on who to see for about a month now and it has almost driven me insane! You better believe I have my cameras charged and ready to go! I hope I can take it all in--the free swag, free food, free alcohol, free parties (I've rsvp'd for a few), and of course the concerts. I bet we will be exhausted by the end of this week, but hopefully in a good way. This is also our Spring Break, so what a treat. ;)
Stay tuned for photos to come!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

~25 Secrets~

I don't want an iPhone because EVERYONE has one. It's too mainstream now.

I'm pretty decent at Scrabble, I'm not gonna lie.

Since the food I eat always looks so cool, I have to photograph it. Every time.

Sometimes I wish I were ambidextrous.

Lewis is about ready to take my iTouch away from me because he thinks I spend way too much time on it. I like the games. :-P

I really really wish I had more time to devote to photography.

Stickers are the best, especially the scratch-n-sniff ones. I want to have a collection of 28,000 one day.

Remembering birthdays is one of my specialties.

I obsessively write/color/draw in my planner. Also, it can never be just plain black or blue ink. I insist on using a variety of colors to make it look more festive.

I love grading papers.

Checking Facebook several times a day is a bad habit I wish I could break.

I'm excited to have children one day.

I worry about turning 30 and feeling super old.

I can't wait to move out of Texas.

My road rage is getting a little better..

I love meatloaf. Big time.

I can see myself as a principal one day. Before I couldn't.

I love my hand writing.

I hate getting use to my Nikon and then having to shoot with my Sony point and shoot (aka POS).

My parents and I's relationship has improved.

My sisters mean the world to me.

Spending money is a problem for me.

I REALLY need to change that.

This semester I've gotten the least amount of sleep in my life.

I would really like to change that.

(Inspired by Elise)