Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 Things I L-O-V-E Sunday!

1. felt camera cases from hine ;-)
2. this beautiful person...Miss Carly Erin
SO talented both in front of the lens and behind it!
3. Russian dolls

4. Urban Outfitters 'Last Chance $5 or less' Sale
(Here's a couple items I want to buy!)
5. photography by Keri-Anne (gingerlillytea) on flickr
6. watching Alf reruns on
7. Elsie's 24 hour Blog Party!!!
(VERY excited about this !)
8. brilliant illustrations by artist Sandra Juto
9. eating lots of watermelon!
10. hanging out with my sister Lizzie
(Today we had sushi for lunch and gelato for dessert :-))

Saturday, May 30, 2009

-simply saturday-

My Saturday adventures:
-slept in and it felt so good =)
-relaxed with movies on the new big screen tv
-got inspection sticker for car
-purchased delicious cherries and fresh french bread
-la madeline for dinner

(my shot from last summer)

LOVE these:
Found this on Elise's blog and now I really REALLY want to do a mini album......!
Elise Blaha
Also, I'm looking for someone to design a better blog header for this page. Any suggestions or recommendations? :-)

P.S.> I'm thinking of doing a giveaway! I've been inspired by a few blogs who do them and it's gotten me excited. Going to brain storm on it the rest of the weekend and come up with something grand!

P.P.S.> I want to thank Michelle ("Welcome to my world" blog) for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award. She is super sweet!

Friday, May 29, 2009


I cannot even describe how happy I was to see this movie today! :-)))
It was better than I had imagined! I felt like such a kid going in to the theater earlier. I even bought the little kiddie popcorn with drink because it was in an "Up" cardboard carrier. Ahhh...and, collectible cup! Sooo happy....! Please go out and see this wonderful movie this weekend! It's a MUST!

Some cute scenes:
I seriously want to blow up a bunch of colored balloons right now!
Hope everyone has an inspiring night! Happy Friday! :-)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

sunshine, sunshine!

After work I got out into the beautiful sunshine and relaxed by the pool. What a treat! It's been raining almost daily and I haven't had the chance to lay out until today. ;-)

Today was filled with:
*coloring books and crayons
*dinner with my sister Lizzie & Target shopping
*coffeepoolside necessities
delicious tortilla soup & a crispy taco

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

work. workout. whimsical. wednesday.

What a long Wednesday for me..but I feel awesome! I've been very productive and had one of the best workouts ever this evening.
Went to dinner tonight with friends and just finished a movie at home. I'm exhausted!

How cute are these?

beverage alarm clocks

and a beautiful print...
Melissa Moss

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

.lines and confessions.

I really thought today should of been 'International Day for Laziness'. I swear I just did not want to wake up and get moving at all! That's what happens when a 3 day weekend occurs. Maybe tomorrow will be energetic and productive. *crosses fingers*

Two photos by the lovely and talented, Carly Erin:
(LOOOVE these!)
I completely pushed myself to hit the gym today even though I was super exhausted from work and from not sleeping well last night. We had a storm hit around 1 am and it woke me several times. Anyway, I am proud that I am lasting longer on the eliptical trainer now. =) Today I actually broke my record!

I have to admit that I am still shy about wearing a bikini just yet. :/ Hope to move past it soon. Need to keep up with the workouts! So far so good!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day~

studio mela
I'm editing photos, hitting the gym, and relaxing by the pool today. Oh, and gingerbread muffins. Mmm...
I had an enchanting evening at Tim's last night. Food, lots of wine, conversation, and photos were had. :) Finally got to meet the charming Carly Erin and hung out with her and Ricardo. It was wonderful!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

10 Things I Love Sunday!

2. Hi Tree
3. cute journals from
4. Ginko Papers--cute erasers

5. BAM POP robot plush
(I STILL want one of these!!!)
6. painting on book covers
(working on mine now)
I love Elsie's one below....
7. this adorable knitting inspiration by Ula~
(It also thrills me that I am finally learning how to knit myself =))
8. finding old treasures & remembering my grandfather, "Papa"

9. drinking coffee on rainy days
(an old photo of mine I took with the D100)
10. reading inspirational blogs from a few favorites..
~Creature Comforts
~How About Orange
~A Print A Day

Have a super fun-filled Sunday! I'm heading to the gym soon to burn off some energy! :-) Also looking forward to enjoying Memorial Day tomorrow. I get to sleep in.
p.s. I may do another blog later on today. 2 in 1 day...yay!