Monday, September 7, 2009

a few good things..

..just a few things catching my attention right now ;)

1. this journal set by zoetropa
2. this panda calendar
3. this beautiful photo by wilson
4. this kusudama flowers tutorial
Thanks for sharing this with me, Deb!

◆Today I'm editing photos (still), having banana nut muffins w/coffee, catching up on emails, studying, and listening to my 80's hair band music. It's a pretty good day.

[Looking forward to..]
~ a shorter week now that we had a holiday. ;)
~appointments (2 this week)
~starting back as a tutor for the middle school I work at
(it's my part-time job)
~heading to Austin next weekend..Whoohoo!!!!

Happy Labor Day!
Hope everyone got enough rest & relaxation.
I was thinking I may just change my Sunday inspiring things to Monday from now on.


Jamie said...

WoW!!! Loooove every one of these pictures and goodies you found!!!! Awesome!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine's been pretty relaxing lying on couch making pretties and watching movies! hehehe

Jennifer said...

that panda calendar is adorable.

Lovely Kasey said...

ahh i love that journal set!

Chelsea said...

i love that calendar!

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely choices, darling! That calendar is so sweet!

Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Awww, love the panda calendar:) very cute.

Leigh said...

This is a fantastic list, but what caught my eye the most was that fabulous header and how I want a cup of that now ;) lol

Enjoy the rest of the short week!

Kristin said...

How cute is that panda??? Love it!