Friday, January 8, 2010

~Hunka Hunka Burning Love~

Happy Birthday, Elvis! :)
We went to Chuy's tonight for Elvis's Birthday Bash. My best friend Christian is an Elvis impersonator and performs every year on January 8th. He's really good and it's a lot of fun! ;)
Pictures coming soon...hopefully tomorrow if time permits.


Deb said...

Carrie and I LOVE Elvis! :o) How fun that you got to go celebrate his birthday.

My brother-in-law is a huge Elvis fan...they named their daughter Presley.

Enjoy your weekend! xoxox

Cat said...

Ahhh I love Elvis! :) I went to Graceland this fall! I just wanted to say hi, I'm your Happy Mail person! I sent you a card this past week, this is my first time doing Happy Mail so I hope I get it right haha! You can check me out on my blog!


melissa kaye said...

Hi there, Cat! =)

I got your cute card in the mail today! Thank you so much! It's such a pleasure to meet you. ;)

miss indie said...

YES! I got it a day or two ago and pretty much spazzed out :] Everything you sent me was PERFECT!
I just took some pictures and I'll blog about it either tonight or in the morning. Thank you soooo much! You were my first Happy Mailer and it was so much fun!

pea.ess. Happy Birthday Elvis