Monday, March 15, 2010

~SXSW 2010~

(official SXSW tote bag, courtesy of my Uncle Patrick)

I'm so excited to be attending SXSW this year, as it will be my very first time. :) Tomorrow Lewis & I will head down to the Austin Convention Center bright and early to pick up our wristbands. I have been planning out our music schedule on who to see for about a month now and it has almost driven me insane! You better believe I have my cameras charged and ready to go! I hope I can take it all in--the free swag, free food, free alcohol, free parties (I've rsvp'd for a few), and of course the concerts. I bet we will be exhausted by the end of this week, but hopefully in a good way. This is also our Spring Break, so what a treat. ;)
Stay tuned for photos to come!

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Deb said...

Hooray for spring break and the fun plans you have!!! Have a great time! xo