Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bride Wars & vineyard dreams..

Today I...
  • slept in late
  • drank only 1 cup of coffee (believe it or not!)
  • went to class for a review session
  • did some laundry (crap, I just remembered it's still in the dryer)
  • picked up my ring from Tiffany & Co. (it was getting cleaned)
  • shopped @ Anthropologie & Forever 21
  • took Lizzie to EZ's for dinner, picked up a prescription at HEB, and rented "Bride Wars"
  • and now..blogging and late night studying...
Bride WarsMy sister Lizzie and I rented "Bride Wars" this evening. We were majorly in need of a mindless chick flick and some chocolate to go along with it. ;-) It was actually pretty cute and some parts were just hilarious! Sometimes I wish I still had a girl best friend who I knew since I was little. I always notice that in movies and it makes me a tad envious.

Here are some ridiculously irresistible things that I do not need :)

Mustard Bag
Gray Dress

And I'm thinking about.....
visiting a vineyard after finals are over. I've been wanting to do that forever. I'm such a wine nut! Isn't this enchanting?

Fall Creek Vineyards

That's all for tonight. Going to get back to studying like a freak for the next few hours before bedtime. Night!

1 comment:

beckie said...

Do it! Go to the vineyard! I live a couple hours away from Napa and I have to keep myself from going there. You deserve it :) I am also in love with that mustard bag. The leather looks so buttery soft.