Sunday, October 11, 2009

◆ my 5 favorite things to do in October!~

1. watch "Hocus Pocus" with my sisters.
We always save this movie for the fall since its Halloween and all. Ahh...this is definitely a family favorite! We have certain lines we'll quote to each other and just laugh over and over. :)~ Good times, good times!
2. pumpkin carving
These were some photos from last year. My friend Jennie and her daughter Elysia and I all had a little pumpkin carving party at their house. Jennie did our makeup as cats. =)
3. taking every opportunity possible to photograph fall leaves..
4. dream about the red holiday cups from Starbucks and when they are going to come out
(I get excited for them every year!)

5. looking forward to visiting my uncle in Dallas every October and going to Farmers Market
It's raining like crazy here all afternoon....☂
I'm not sure if I will head out for coffee or just stay in.
Have a great Sunday and stay dry if you're in a rainy city today like me! :)


Rhianne said...

I love Hocus Pocus, me and my sister used to watch it all the time too :)

Kristin said...

SHUT UP. Hocus Pocus is a seasonal ritual of my little sis and I too!! Crazy!!

Joyce said...

toasted pumpkin seeds, leaves everywhere{I chose Autumn for my desk top thingy} and I use to sake my head at people and the red cups...and now I have them here and there to look at through out the year. happy happies.