Sunday, December 20, 2009

~6 Cool Things Sunday!

Because I am out of town right now I'm a little late getting this posted.
Now on to the rad stuff I have spotted this week..!
1. this photo..
2. origami necklaces
found here.
3. puffy origami stars
(I have always wanted to learn how to make these)
4. this gingerbread house on a mug
5. squirrels who are photographers..


Carrie said...

great post!

Deb said...

I LOVE the gingerbread house on the mug! So so SOOOOO cute!!!

The origami stars are adorable -- I folded one once out of a dollar bill and still have it...don't remember how I did it though! ;o) How awesome it would be to have a whole bunch of them like that!

beckie said...

You are on fire this week! Those origami necklaces and the gingerbread house on the mug: TOO cute!!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Melissa!

MaryBeth Hughes said...

love the candy cane photo! it's so merry. have a happy christmas!

lizzie said...

ugh!!! pregnancy brain! i'm sorry i didn't ship your happy mail out yet... i'm lame i know. i knew i was forgetting something and for the life of me i couldn't remember! i'll get it out to ya in the next few days!!!!! but it will be well worth it!

Anonymous said...

Loooove the first photo of that girl, so pretty!