Sunday, December 13, 2009

~8 Nifty Things Sunday~

1. A Journey to Zero
Check out the inspirational website!
2. V Magazine's Natalie Portman shoot
3. Swiss Miss memo block
found here.
4. Deer Holiday Templates
(free to download and print)
found on Creature Comforts
5. this beautiful image...
Don't we all love getting little letters in the mail? I know I sure do! :)
6. Dreamer Mr. Frenchy heart necklace
7. this wonderful little blog full of loveliness!
8. Lego Walletsby Color by Numbers
I've been working on my own holiday cards all weekend. They are a lot of fun!
;) Here's what my workspace looks like at the moment.

If you still want to get on my Christmas card list, drop me a line with your info. ;)


Joyce said...

I think{I KNOW already} I want to get one of these in the mail! Happy happies.

melissa kaye said...

Sure! Send me your mailing address. :)

Joyce said...

Flickrmail ya

Courtney Baker said...

Wow loving your blog! Such fun stuff!