Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Peace at a Time

I had the pleasure of attending the screening for "One Peace at a Time" here in Austin this evening with the director and producer. :-) I had entered in a contest online this afternoon and won a ticket for myself. As soon as I heard about the contest I jumped right on and submitted my entry fast. Super fast, in fact! A few weeks back I had seen the trailer for this incredible movie and couldn't wait for the opportunity to watch it. What an incredible film! Please go see it if there's a screening in your city. You won't regret it, I promise!


Deb said...

Hey, that's cool. Always a fun deal to win a contest, and I'm glad it was something you enjoyed! :o)

lizzie said...

i love that you love project red... i'm always trying to get ppl to buy the red coffee and the red gift cards... which is easier now since they think it's christmasy hahahahaa

Kristin said...

What an incredible win! That's so cool Melissa!