Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh, Coffee!

Oh dear coffee, where would I be without you in my life?
=)I'm in the middle of finals this week and I'm soooo ready for it to be over. Two down and two left to go!Let's just say that a lot of coffee has been had!

Now for some coffee-lovin' inspiration..*source

My Uncle Patrick @ I at The Pearl Cup in Dallas


Carrie said...

this so funny because we have been out of coffee for a couple of days and its been bad!

Cute pics


Deb said...

Here's something annoying...went to the grocery store yesterday and asked EVERYONE at my house if they needed anything. No? Ok. So Doug tells me last night "Oh, we're out of coffee." ??? Really??? I JUST went to the store. ~sigh~ Lunch hour trip today...there's coffee for tomorrow morning. :o) Fun pix in this post, Mel. xo

melissa kaye said...

HA! Oh, Deb! That just about made my morning. ;) Too funny! Thanks for the chuckle. ❤

LunieBin said...

I too am an obsessed coffee drinker..I drink it allll daaayyy loonnnggg.....I can't seem to get enough.....