Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters!!!! ;)~
I was SO excited getting to meet Dan Aykroyd at the Twin Liquors event here in Austin on Monday. He was here promoting his Crystal Head vodka and meeting fans. There were fans that came dressed up as Ghostbusters..pretty funny! Only in Austin..Ha!
Anyway, Dan was super nice and very patient with everyone. He was only suppose to be there from 4-6 pm but ended up staying closer to 8 pm. That's how cool he is. I later discovered that he signed approximately 1,400 bottles that evening. Amazing!


Carrie said...

oh how cool!


Anonymous said...

hello! just found your blog and think it's really cute! and how awesome you got to go to a craft fair and meet elsie! i'd probably by cute tape too, i love that stuff!!

Rhianne said...

and you got to meet Dan Aykroyd as well, amaaaazing!