Sunday, November 15, 2009

~6 wonderful things Sunday!

Why can't I seem to get to my blog until Sundays?.....Ugh. :-/ My semester is really picking up as we are getting closer and closer to finals. I'm sooo ready for Thanksgiving so I can take a much-needed break!

Time for some wonderful things to distract you (and me both)..

1. this beautiful image..
2. these cozy slippers..
3. this hilarious photo that is still cracking me up..
found on miss indies blog
4. Kara's awesome photo
5. fortune cookie purse
found here.
6. these MJ pins..


aninspiredpeace said...

I am so with you on the being busy with school thing! I haven't gotten to blogging at all because all of my "free time" is completely consumed by my classes! Blah! Hope you get to more crafty stuff soon! :) Love your favorites this week.

Deb said...

HAHAHAHA! LOVE the princess picture. Good luck getting through your school stuff!!! xoxox

sharyncarlson said...

oh, i love this list! wish I was wearing those slippers ;) you have such a great blog!