Friday, November 20, 2009

Ahh...I am so behind!

Tis the season to fall behind, right?
Well, count me in!
I have two online classes I'm currently taking and haven't had the chance to even get started on any of the prompts. :/ I'm hoping I will have an ounce of free time over the weekend to do something!
Some Randomness, Thoughts, & Things from this week.....
~I can't wait for Thanksgiving!!!
~I was really bad with zippers this week. I managed to bust both the zippers on my hoodie and gray slacks. Lame! ha.
~I am seriously obsessed with scratch n' sniff stickers right now.
~I attended a wine class on Wednesday evening and completely fell in love with a Riesling from Germany. As a regular cab drinker, I was pleasantly surprised I could find a white wine I enjoy. ;)
I was very fortunate to attend a lecture at school yesterday and got to meet author, Ron Suskind. He was such a nice guy! And, he even signed my book. =)

Hope everyone is having a great week!
Happy Friday!!!

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Anonymous said...

I wine class? How fun! Ugh I'm so behind too right now and I also can't wait for thanksgiving because I'm going to my bff house and so I'll be away from my family drama!!