Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things I am thankful for this week..

{Things I am thankful for this week:}

  • my wonderful boyfriend Lewis and all the things he does for me ♥
  • getting one of my tires repaired free of charge (I had two nails in one of them)
  • dill pickle flavored popcorn (my favorite!)
  • visiting my grandma Monday night and watching "Wheel of Fortune" with her =)
  • starting to read my new book, "A Hope in the Unseen"
  • an 82 on my IDS test! Woohoo!
  • started working on my Christmas cards (handmade)
  • thinking about all the wonderful friends I have
  • watching "The Golden Girls" reruns at night (it's my comfort show)
  • my good health
  • taking beautiful photographs

1 comment:

beckie said...

Melissa, these are so, so sweet! You always celebrate the little things in life year round and it is wonderful :) Wishing you, Lewis and your families a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!!