Wednesday, November 4, 2009

welcome, november~

Many apologies for being away. =/
I've been battling a terrible cold/virus (at least thats what I think it is) this week and last. I thought it would go away on its own but now its a lot worse. I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow and hopefully get it taken care of.

In the meantime, here's a couple cute and inspiring things I've had my eye on...
Elsie's DIY Thanksgiving Pumpkin Project
(found here)
* I love this idea and definitely want to try it out!!
knit night cupcakes

~I'm hoping to be back here at some point over the weekend with some November goals.
I'm hitting the hay early.


Carrie said...

I want to make those pumpkins too. I just bought the paint tonight!

Manju said...

the knitted cuppycakes are so cute!
get well soon ok *hugs*

PaperTurtle said...

Hey Mel ~ Cute post! You managed to get a list of favorites in for prompt #3 of our class. I'm glad you got in to Shimelle's class. :o)

Love the pumpkin AND those cupcakes!

Feel better soon!!! xoxox

sharyncarlson said...

Oh my gosh! Is that frosting?! Too adorable!

Claire said...

These are cute! Please feel better!

Priscila said...

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Lovely Kasey said...

elsie's pumpkin idea was very very cute!! :)