Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 Things I Love Sunday!

This is a little bit late but better than never. :-)

1. re-watching "Firefly"
(but on Blu-Ray this time)
2. photographer, Sam Robinson
his site.
3. making a pinwheel
4. taking photos with Lewis in a real photo booth on my birthday
5. petite watermelons
found here.
yum, yum!
6. wind me up necklace
7. fruity notes
from Jars of Cute's blog.
8. this cute blog.
Handmade & Homebaked
9. Haribo gummi bears
(absolute favorite childhood candy)10. Tonight I talked on the phone for over an hour with my cousin, Charlie. We talked of old memories in our childhood, including trips to Taco Hut, laughing at Granny & Papa, getting in trouble, and Aerostar mini-vans. It was great.


Kristin said...

I need those fruity notes. So cute!

Peptogirl said...

aww...thanks! I just clicked over from the Pill's Place blog to yours and saw my blog banner. How sweet of you! LOVE the title of your blog!!!