Thursday, July 16, 2009

*tears and bubbles*

Lewis and I went on a date this afternoon. :) He took me to see "My Sister's Keeper", which I had been wanting to see since it came out. What a tearjerker! Goodness! Nevertheless, it was a great movie. I gave it a "B". If you go and see it, bring lots of tissue. I was a complete mess about 80% of the time. And, it takes a lot for me to cry during movies.

I love blowing bubbles...
There was a beautiful scene in the movie that was so inspiring to me and brought back some memories of when I was a little girl. My Papa and I use to blow bubbles together in his backyard. I would take the pan with the big circle wand and make gigantic bubbles. Such great memories...

Tonight I'm going to:
❒ workout/ possibly go swimming
❒visit my grandma
❒work on a page for my music+art journal
❒jam out to some music
=) Have a cheerful evening!


Kristin said...

I've avoided it thus far due to the cry factor. Happy Friday!

shaina said...

i want to see it so bad! that's for the "review." i was thinking i should watch the movie then read the book so i'm not disappointed... what do you think? other order?

your blog is really cute by the way! glad i stopped by. :D

Anonymous said...

I saw it this weekend and wow...I read the book but I didn't think I would cry THAT much!