Sunday, July 12, 2009

~10 Things I Love Sunday!

1. "Wicked", the novel
(just purchased at Barnes & Noble last night..can't wait to start reading!)
I love how super green the binding & edge of the pages are!
2. taking this fun music + composition class that starts tomorrow!!!
(I love reading Kara's blog--her photos are so inspiring & her mini book ideas are wonderful!)
3. RVA inspiration journal set
found here.
(it's on my wish list)
4. lovely balloon pictures..
found here.
5. Dinosaur Designs website.
6. Printspace
(etsy shop found here)
7. apple pickin necklace
from ModCloth

9. taking summer photos with Lewis :)
(even though it's a battle to get him in front of the camera..)10. watching "The Lost World" w/ Lewis right now as I'm on my laptop

Happy, happy Sunday to you all!

This week I will be quite busy and I'm looking forward to it!

{ P L A N S }
:: keep up with my online class::
:::possible beach trip:::
::music +composition online journal class starts tomorrow!::
:::family reunion out of town on Saturday:::
::painting & arts and crafts::
::get on the ball with taking photos!!!!!::
In other news...
My ear surgery is scheduled for Monday, July 20th. After that I may be out for a bit depending on how my recovery goes. Hopefully not too terribly long. I'm really nervous about it so I'm going to try and distract myself this week with fun activities. ;)


Stacey B said...

Great book and good luck with your surgery!!

Steve Rodli said...

Hi Melissa, just noticed about your upcoming ear surgery and wanted to let you know I'll be thinking of you. Joy joys. Joyce