Friday, July 31, 2009

first ever SUMMER GIVEAWAY!~

Whoohoo! I'm excited! :)~
I've been wanting to take the plunge and do a giveaway all summer long but have had a few obstacles in my way, such as my time-consuming online class and ear surgery. Now that both are over, it's time!
What you get:
A brand new Flirt! lips cosmetic zipper bag full of summer makeup goodies! I will fill this bag up with yummy stuff that you will love. I promise! :-))

1) You have to be a follower of my blog to win.
2) Please tell me what you would like to see more of on my blog AND what or who has inspired you this summer.
3) You get an extra entry if you post this giveaway on your own blog, just please let me know if you do.
4) Please leave your name and email address in the comment box.
5) I will choose one winner by next Monday, August 3rd.
Good Luck!


Jamie said...

How fun! I'll post it on my blog, definitely!!! Love the inspo you find. I wouldn't change a thing! I love seeing what you're up to and the great stuff you find for inspiration!

Jamie said...

I just blogged your giveaway!!! =)

Stacey B said...

Hmmm, I really wouldn't have you change anything about your blog. I love reading it how it is! I definitely have found inspiration this summer through peoples like you :o)

Tiffany =] said...

i dont think that you should change anything about your blog! Thats the beauty of the blogging world is to see everyones originality and personality in their blogs! Someone who has ispired me this summer would have to be my grandma, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she has not let it bring her down one bit! she is positive and is going to beat this thing! yay go grandma! And im going to my blog right away to link to your giveaway!

Couture Carrie said...

Fab giveaway, darling!


Anonymous said...

love it and love the idea! yay for giveaways, cute bags and adorable blogs! xo

PaperTurtle said...

Ok! I wanna' play. :o)

What I'd like to see more of on your blog? Your own crafty projects. Show us what you make.

What inspires me? Seeing the artwork on blogs that I follow. Really. I love blog-hopping and checking out the amazing things my blog-friends do.

PS: Fun giveaway idea! :o)

Steve Rodli said...

Hi Melissa, it's 4:32pm here where I live so maybe I'll hit on the next one if this one is already gone. I like the words that Tiffany =] used "originality +personality"- that is part of what blogs are all about, what YOU bring, I like what I see here, I may not always fully get it but that's okay. as far as inspiring this summer I guess it would have to be the collective sense of how we can connect being so far away from each other..doing things together because we are connected in part by 'wires'. I have a question for ya? What was the reason you started a blog? Happy happies to ya. Joyce