Saturday, July 25, 2009


I found this on Elise's blog and thought I would give it a whirl. ;)

I always :

~have at least two cups of coffee every day.
~eat one piece of toast around midnight.
~am inspired visiting
~make my bed.
~watch "The Golden Girls" reruns before bedtime.

I sometimes :

~worry about the clutter in my room.
~think I would be completely lost without my camera.
~don't have my camera when I really, really need it.
~feel uninspired.

I never :

~get tired of coffee.
~like checking my voice mail. It's a total pain.
~want to feel claustrophobic.
~will vote Republican.
~eat anchovies.
~want to be lonely.
~get tired of fresh flowers.

1 comment:

chelseybell. said...

i watch golden girls re-runs ALL the time. they're the best!