Sunday, June 14, 2009

~10 Things I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sunday!~

1. Craft Punch Gallery by Martha Stewart
(such a cute idea that i need to try!)
2. Cafe Du Monde beignet mix
Since I'm in the Cajun mood lately I was remembering these wonderful french doughnuts my Papa use to make me. This particular brand is always difficult to find so I may have to special order it. I just found a website that carries it. :)
3. Brownie burger cupcakes
by Bakerella
(Her blog is so inspirational! Makes me want to bake like crazy!)
4. somethings hiding in here etsy shop
(these items are so wonderful!)
5. New RVA loves.....
(i will be purchasing some this week)
6. being inspired by movies to sketch again ;-)

*more to come!
7. fields of giant sunflowers
(I've been dying to do a photo shoot in one)
Digital Agentcode poet
8. Lollia products
9. enjoying warm apple and blueberry pies with family
(this is a ritual for us on Sundays--don't forget the coffee!)

10. Happy Mail
(just recently joined and i'm soooo excited about it!)
And, here's a new product I'm dying to try.......
Revlon Nail Enamel Fruitful Temptations
I want to try the papaya one!

Looking forward to a busy week ahead! Hope your Sunday was fantastic!


Kristin said...

What a fabulous list. Now I'm jonesing for some beignets!! What website did you find the mix on?

melissa kaye said...

Oh, I've been craving them for days now... It's out of control! hehe.

Here's the website:

Anonymous said...

There's a field I found in Kansas =)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Beignets yum!

Oh my gosh, scented nail polish?! How fun! I want to try!

I hope you had a great weekend love!

melissa kaye said...

Oh I love it, Cassiday! I want to go there now. :)

Thanks, Elizabeth! I need to go buy some at HEB and try it too. It's on my 'to do' list this week.

beckie said...

Oh my goodness, you always find the BEST things. The Craft Punch project is so wonderful! I've got a bunch of punches (hee!) and need to try that out soon. The Happy Mail group sounds awesome - I can't wait to see what you give and get and I've got to get some of that nail polish, too!.