Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making summer plans & lists*

Here are some 'To-Do's' I have on my list for the summer:
~hitting golf balls at the driving range
~lots of swimming/hanging by the pool
~working out
~Fall Creek Vineyard
~eat watermelon like it's going out of style
~the zoo
~Texas Folklife Festival (June 12-14)
~crafting and scrap-booking, of course!
~continue to knit
~movies, movies, movies
~photo shoots

Some Cuteness:

upside down animal mugs

Craving this today....
mmm......chocolate chip cookies
One of my favorite memories is baking chocolate chip cookies with my grandma. I always loved how her house smelled when she was was amazing.


Elizabeth Marie said...

beignets? vineyards? Can I come?!

I want a chocolate chip cookie NOW. I remember baking with my grandma too :)

MissRedLips said...

love the upside down mugs! adorable! great summer plans. i may try and copy some of yours!

Anonymous said...

where does one find beignets in austin?

melissa kaye said...

I really don't know in Austin. =) I will be on the lookout though!