Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~golden days~

~today's tasks~
:getting some sun outside:
:reading/studying/starting my paper for this week:
:tackling laundry:
:watching "Planet Earth"
:baking a blueberry pie
:possibly swimming:

I discovered the beautiful designs of Kate Towers on Elsie's blog.
I also like these photos from gingerlillytea on flickr:

Looove this fashion work by Sebastian Kim:

..i need some coffee. have a great day and get some sunshine! ;)


Miss Wanderlust said...

You have to tell me if you like it once you start working on it. I think it is sooo fun!! Also, I saw your Obama tag on the side. Loooove it!! Did you know that I met him :) I still smile thinking about. I blogged about it somewhere!! Happy journaling!

MissRedLips said...

Planet Earth is the best! me and MrRedLips love watching it together-it's absolutely fascinating.

blueberry pie, too? can you post a recipe for it? sounds so yummy!

melissa kaye said...

Miss Wanderlust, I totally envy you! I would give anything to meet Obama. :) Did you take a photo with him?

The blueberry pie I baked wasn't from scratch, unfortunately. It was from Sun Harvest. =) I'll have to find an actual recipe.