Saturday, June 20, 2009


~enjoying an iced americano after a great workout at the gym today!
~going to finish studying, shower, and get dolled up for dinner with friends tonight. :)
~later on i need to make a father's day card & hit barnes and noble for a couple gifts.
*hope you have a sensational and exciting saturday!

Oh, and here are my current obsessions right now:Aveda comforting tea
If you haven't yet tried this tea, run to the salon and buy some! It is seriously my favorite out of all of the brands I have tried. I drink green tea daily and have this one at night just to wind down. The peppermint after taste is just amazing--You will love it!

Bare Minerals Hydrating Mineral Veil
Now I'm already a fan of the regular mineral veil and wear it daily with my BM foundation, but I just had to buy this new one when it came out. Well, I have used it over a week now and I like it much better! My skin really doesn't feel as dry. Highly recommended! And, the brush is oh so soft. :)

One last thing! I want to introduce my friend, Cassiday and her entertaining blog. She's awesome and such a sweetheart! Check her out here:


Kristin said...

I have uber dry skin so I'm tempted to try this!

Anonymous said...

aww how cute!! thanks for the shout out. had to tell you--i did find one place in austin that has benigets, and i think it's the only place. alligator grill on s lamar has them, and they're pretty good. That is all!! xoxo