Sunday, May 3, 2009

8 Things I Love Sunday!~

1. Hugh Jackman (and all of his hotness)
I've been one of his #1 fans for a long time running now..
We just saw "Wolverine" over the weekend. B+! :)ahh..
(such a rad shot!)


2. Sprinkles cupcakes
I found out they have a store in Dallas. I need to get over there and check it out the next time I go up to visit my uncle! These look delicious..
3. Lotta Bruhn animal stickers
You can download these in PDF form and print. Too adorable!
4. Twinkie Chan scarves
5. a paper berries tree6. Mistral Nectar De Fruits luxury soap
(Green Apple Fruit Passion)
*Now THIS is hands down the best soap I've ever purchased! The scent is amazing...another great Anthropologie find!
7. camera zoom lens coffee mug
(I NEED this!!)
But Lewis thinks I may confuse it with one of my lens'. hehe.
8. Lisa Hoffman spa facialI am going to try these out in the summer!

~This coming week is FINALS WEEK!
Going to try and post some cute stuff when I get the chance just to keep my sanity. It will be insane with studying until Friday when I take my last final. Yippee!
Have a fabulous and creative week ahead! :-)

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