Friday, May 8, 2009

Fridays, Finals, & Funny Cheese

(I want to make these one day this summer! They look so scrumptious and cute.)

Finally. No more finals!
I wrapped up my last one this morning. I was in hell, I'm not going to lie..but I'm so glad it's all over now.
I've had one incredibly looooong day with clearly not enough sleep. 3 cups of coffee, also!
The good news is that I finally had the delicious glass of wine I was craving all week. Yay! :-) Cabernet Sauvignon...mmmm. It was just what I needed.
Going to bed soon. I can't wait to sleep in this weekend!

Weekend To-Do's:
  1. REST
  2. Finish making my Mother's Day cards
  3. Barnes & Noble
  4. French toast for breakfast
  5. Visit my grandma
  6. Scrap-booking
  7. Work-out
Laughing Cow Cheese
Funniest Incident of the Week:
So, I was telling my sister Kim that I was going to finally buy this cheese that she had once recommended to me in the past. Well, in conversation I had referred to it as, "Laughing Goat" cheese instead of "Laughing Cow" cheese. I said, "You know, the Laughing Goat cheese?" Well, hysterical laughter was sure to follow! I had it completely wrong. Ha! Once she corrected me I realized what a total goober I was. We both had a great laugh though. These are the times I really cherish with her...what we do the best is laugh together. There is nothing like it! :-P

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