Saturday, May 30, 2009

-simply saturday-

My Saturday adventures:
-slept in and it felt so good =)
-relaxed with movies on the new big screen tv
-got inspection sticker for car
-purchased delicious cherries and fresh french bread
-la madeline for dinner

(my shot from last summer)

LOVE these:
Found this on Elise's blog and now I really REALLY want to do a mini album......!
Elise Blaha
Also, I'm looking for someone to design a better blog header for this page. Any suggestions or recommendations? :-)

P.S.> I'm thinking of doing a giveaway! I've been inspired by a few blogs who do them and it's gotten me excited. Going to brain storm on it the rest of the weekend and come up with something grand!

P.P.S.> I want to thank Michelle ("Welcome to my world" blog) for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award. She is super sweet!

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MissRedLips said...

russian dolls! love it!