Sunday, May 24, 2009

10 Things I Love Sunday!

2. Hi Tree
3. cute journals from
4. Ginko Papers--cute erasers

5. BAM POP robot plush
(I STILL want one of these!!!)
6. painting on book covers
(working on mine now)
I love Elsie's one below....
7. this adorable knitting inspiration by Ula~
(It also thrills me that I am finally learning how to knit myself =))
8. finding old treasures & remembering my grandfather, "Papa"

9. drinking coffee on rainy days
(an old photo of mine I took with the D100)
10. reading inspirational blogs from a few favorites..
~Creature Comforts
~How About Orange
~A Print A Day

Have a super fun-filled Sunday! I'm heading to the gym soon to burn off some energy! :-) Also looking forward to enjoying Memorial Day tomorrow. I get to sleep in.
p.s. I may do another blog later on today. 2 in 1 day...yay!

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