Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a year in cell pics.. =)

Out of the 444 pics that are currently on my cell phone, here are just a few I picked out to share.
I got this idea from Elsie's blog.

Here we go!Bella in her sweetheart shirt looking fashionable.
x-ray of my foot fracture
Bitch wine from my Uncle Patrick's house. Delicious!
scrumptious bread pudding from Cafe Bistro

cool rainbows in my car
I got to see my favorite comedian :-)
yummy bandaid
Harley's kissesSisters @ Disney

Kyle likes to grab electronics
Lewis @ La Madeline (one of our favorite places)
crazy makeup before a shoot :-P
:-)kitty cat ~halloween timePeace Day
drink @ Peche
rainy days at the movies

spaghetti-o's (favorite childhood meal that i still eat)T & I

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love your pics!! Your boyfriend looks a lot like one of the guys who is on the reality dating show "the cougar" lol. it's horribly trashy but delightfully entertaining!!