Wednesday, May 6, 2009

vino, please.

I cannot wait to have a glass of wine! After finals, of course....

Today's observations/realizations/annoyances:
  • You KNOW you are stressed when you go to sleep and dream about the material you've been studying the last several days. Ugh. :-/
  • So many guys order strawberry frappucinnos. Why??? And, isn't that a girly drink? For once I'd like to see a teeny bopper walk into Starbucks and get a regular house coffee. Plain. Black. No cream or sugar. No games. It will never happen.
  • What ever happen to individuality? Why are there so many sheep walking around following the herd? It makes me sick.
  • I love writing with colored markers. Period.
  • My tolerance for stupidity lessens on a daily basis.

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