Tuesday, May 26, 2009

.lines and confessions.

I really thought today should of been 'International Day for Laziness'. I swear I just did not want to wake up and get moving at all! That's what happens when a 3 day weekend occurs. Maybe tomorrow will be energetic and productive. *crosses fingers*

Two photos by the lovely and talented, Carly Erin:
(LOOOVE these!)
I completely pushed myself to hit the gym today even though I was super exhausted from work and from not sleeping well last night. We had a storm hit around 1 am and it woke me several times. Anyway, I am proud that I am lasting longer on the eliptical trainer now. =) Today I actually broke my record!

I have to admit that I am still shy about wearing a bikini just yet. :/ Hope to move past it soon. Need to keep up with the workouts! So far so good!


Anonymous said...

My lazy day was Monday. I had so many things planned to do but ended up just staying home and doing nothing.

Miss Wanderlust said...

wow, those pictures are really cool!! I just found your blog and I loooooove it!!! Thank you for sharing!!

melissa kaye said...

@ Michelle: I wish there could be more lazy days. I need them! ;)

@ Miss Wanderlust: Thank you very much, dear! It's a pleasure to meet you. :)