Sunday, May 17, 2009

10 Things I Love Sunday!~

So many wonderful and inspiring pieces..I've been admiring this site all week long!

download, print, cut and fold to make your own little bag.
Such a cute idea!
3. Signe Vilstrup
4. wonderful workouts at the gym!
I'm so glad to be back 4-5 times a week now. Yay!

5. Apple Note Flats
by Creature Comforts
6. 80's Scratch-N-Stiff vintage stickers
(Big fan of these!)
7. Free Rice
Play and feed hungry people!
8. eating a juicy grapefruit 1/2 a few times a day

9. Nintendo DSI
(I want one!)
10. Trying new wines out & starting a wine journal
Menage a Trois
*This one is exquisite! A friend of ours brought it over this afternoon and we tried it. So delicious..this one is definitely a keeper!


Elizabeth Marie said...

Hey girl! My friends and I always have "Menage" nights! Isn't it the best wine ever?!

Thanks for stopping by and following!! XO


Fabuloust lists... Especially HERMES! I always tell friends, hook up a cable-box & I'll move in the store...hee* ~Lovely week to you darling!