Friday, May 29, 2009


I cannot even describe how happy I was to see this movie today! :-)))
It was better than I had imagined! I felt like such a kid going in to the theater earlier. I even bought the little kiddie popcorn with drink because it was in an "Up" cardboard carrier. Ahhh...and, collectible cup! Sooo happy....! Please go out and see this wonderful movie this weekend! It's a MUST!

Some cute scenes:
I seriously want to blow up a bunch of colored balloons right now!
Hope everyone has an inspiring night! Happy Friday! :-)


Anonymous said...

I wasn't too sure about this movie but I am a huge disney freak, after seeing this post. I think i will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hey check out my blog for an award I gave you.

MissRedLips said...

oooo i want to see UP so much!! i'm a huge pixar fan and can feel right at home with all the little kids who love pixar movies too! :-) you're not alone!