Tuesday, May 19, 2009

4 T's for Tuesday!!!

Things I'm obsessing about this week................

1. Can't wait to see Terminator Salvation
(We have our tickets for tomorrow @ midnight! Whoo-hoo!)

2. Designer Teresa Green
(She makes adorable things!)

3. Tanning by the pool.
(I am so pasty white it's not even funny! Trying to build a little color for the summer.)

4. Remembering my childhood toys

Wish World Kids
Jem doll
Water Wiggle

Rainbow Brite
& of course.. Strawberry Shortcake & Custard

Here's a beautiful flickr photo I found on Explore:
Hope everyone is having a splendid week so far!


trishiekoh said...

i love that cute little purse!
Hope you're having a good week too.

Tikimama said...

Love Teresa Green's style! I'm with you on the childhood toys thing - I've got a bunch of mine, and they make me happy!

Don't you know tanning is bad for you??!! :) I'm white and I've just accepted it. Don't like wrinkles and cancer.

beckie said...

Oh, I just love reminiscing about childhood toys :) I'd forgotten all about the Popples!! Hope you're having a great week, Melissa.

melissa kaye said...

Thank you :-)

@ Tikimama:
I know! I am so white and I have accepted it for many years and even stopped going out in the sun up until now. I just want some color ;) hehe.

Anonymous said...

Srawberry Shortcake! Love her. Literally too, I collect all kinds of things of her. I'm such a big kid.

Nice blog!