Wednesday, August 26, 2009

-Back to school-

Yes, today was the day.
I really wasn't into it at first but as the day progressed it was ok.
(finally showing off my RVA cozy that I purchased awhile back. ;))
school supplies..
And, here are the little terrors who drove me into a panic yesterday..
Attack of the geese!!!
Perhaps one of the best action shots I have taken.


pve design said...

Just the thought of new supplies and a gaggle of geese makes me smile....but back to school, mayble not so much cause that means summer is officially over here.

PaperTurtle said...

~sigh~ I love school supplies. It makes me happy to see them every year and makes me want to buy a three-ring binder just because.

Love the picture of the geese! LOL!