Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm baaacccckkkk! ;)

Top 5 things I like about North Carolina:
1) It’s so green and lush
2) Tall, beautiful trees
3) Friendly people
4) Nice weather (they actually experience seasons, unlike Texas where we just have “hot”)
5) Duke University

Our flight got in a little past midnight last night. We slept until 3 this afternoon just to catch up on the sleep we didn't get on the trip. Whew!! It was very much needed. I feel better now. I spent most of the afternoon relaxing and editing photos from the trip.

Here's what I have so far:our travel mascot =)
had to stop at Waffle House

our hotel view @ 6:30 am
Treasure Bay Hotel & Casino
Biloxi, Mississippi
(I LOVED this hotel)
beach umbrellas
Biloxi, Mississippi
Whiskey bar
Durham, North Carolina
walking back to the hotel after the bar
fun with the camera :-)
after a couple drinks..
The last day we visited Duke University. What a beautiful place with such welcoming people. I wish I were a student there.
Still editing so you will get to see the inside of the chapel next. It was breathtaking.
Happy weekend!~


Jamie said...

Beautiful pics!!!
Welcome back!

Kristin said...

Glad you had a fab trip!

Rhianne said...

waffles, yum! Looks like you had a great time :)