Sunday, August 2, 2009

~ten things i LOVE sunday!~

i hope that everyone has had a pleasant and restful weekend.
i always look forward to sundays because i get to share my loves and current inspirations.
here we go..

one. the We heart it website
i just found this a couple of days ago by accident and now i can't stay off of it. i thought i was addicted to flickr before..but just wait! ;)

two. shinzi katoh deck energy lunch box
three. circle fawn necklace
Figs & Ginger
found this on holly's site when she posted it.

four. the work of australian artist georgia perry
i am just so fascinated by her sketchbook!

five. cotton candy

six. emma watson's photo shoot for teen vogue
seven. i still can't get enough of zooey..

eight. RVA vinyl sticker cuteness
nine. paulette macarons
(ok i haven't tried yet but i want to. badly.)
ten. awesome optical illusions
found here.
have a wonderful evening!
don't forget the last day to enter my giveaway is tomorrow.
i will choose a winner either in the afternoon or early evening.

1 comment:

Becky said...

emma watson is such a pretty girl! I love those clothes!! All Elsie's stuff is way too cute!