Thursday, August 20, 2009

~pencil pouch love~

i ♥ pencil pouches, i must admit.
how can you not when they are this cute?
i need to find a new one this weekend before school starts next week.


..tomorrow i..

~want to go to a cool thrift store.
~might get to see "julie & julia" finally on a date afternoon. ;)
~want to take a few random photos. we'll see...hehe.
in other news...
i signed up for elise's "the visual adventures" online workshop & can't wait for it to start!


Rhianne said...

oh, I love the first two, so cute! Good luck with your workshop :)

PaperTurtle said...

Gasp! You KNOW which pencil case I like!!! OMG -- the turtle is SO cute and covered with buttons, no less. Love it.

Enjoy your thift shopping -- hope you find something very cool. :o)

One Sassy Girl said...

I have no kids, hence no excuse to buy pencil pouches so I came up with one! I use cute ones to keep other stuff in, like jewelry, makeup or they're really good for hiding tampons.

melissa kaye said...

I figured you would comment on the turtle one, Deb! Ha! ;-)

Couture Carrie said...

They are all so adorable ~ this lovely post makes me want to go back-to-school shopping!


Anonymous said...

They are all cute !