Monday, August 31, 2009

~that kind of day..

It was a super long day for me...and not nearly enough coffee! hehe.

I went to my evening class and sat there with about 8 other girls for about half an hour waiting patiently for the professor to show. {Note: this was the first day of this course since school started on a Wednesday this year} No email or notification on the door was left about the class being canceled or moved to a different room. We were all getting rather annoyed and finally just left. I connected with two girls and exchanged phone numbers & emails. Luckily one of the girls called me back tonight with all of the details and the changes. She had found out by going to the department office. How crazy! Why weren't we notified??? ugh.

So instead of having my class tonight until 8:15, I went to the mall (very near to campus) to look around a bit. ;) It felt like that kind of day..the kind where I needed to buy undies and sushi. I know that sounds odd, especially the combination. I've mentioned a long time ago in this blog that when I have a bad day I buy undies. Well, today was sort of one of those. I'll spare you the entire day story. I'm feeling better now and my sushi really hit the spot! I've been craving it madly. ♡

A few photos from my evening:
{sorry they are crappy cell pics..)
~hopeful for a better day manana!


Couture Carrie said...

Ooooooh sushi!
Hope your Tuesday is terrific, darling!


Kristin said...

That sushi looks delish. And I feel you! My crabby Monday has carried over to Tuesday. Ah ha. Hope you're feeling better. : )

Chelsea said...

I love the cute little ribbons on Aerie bags! What a nice touch!