Monday, August 3, 2009

*monday randomness/thoughts*

Today I...
-started the morning off right with some coffee.
- had an appointment with Gordon (my psychologist) in the morning.
- took care of some much needed "to do" errands.
- ate cookies n' cream ice cream.
-took a nap.
-watched "golden girls" episodes.
- got an unexpected little gift in the mail from a special friend. :)

..i really really need to stop procrastinating about things. ugh.

..i need to pick up my camera and find something fun to photograph. i haven't felt 'photographically inspired' as of late. hope to get that back.

..i can't believe the summer is almost over. i haven't done near the amount of craft projects that i wanted to.

..i feel like i'm ready for fall. i like the cool breeze, long sleeve shirts, and hot cocoa.
(even though we don't get a real fall season here in texas)

{things i want to purchase this week}
:a new sketchbook
::a date stamp::
:::masking tape:::
::::nail polish::::



Kristin said...

Coffee and Golden Girls pretty much describes my day every day. Ah ha

Maddie said...

wow, that sounds like a fabulous day, and we have a lot in common! i LOOOOVE coffee. the day doesn't feel complete without it. oh, and i'm SUPER excited for fall, too! a fun season for pictures :)